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Business Setup 

Expert support for efficient and compliant business establishment processes.


Things You Need to Consider Before Setting Up a Business in Dubai

Willing to get started with a business in UAE? Need professional help? Alliance CA is here to help you through all the possibilities you could meet when yearning to have a business setup in Dubai. This is what we aid the aspirants for! Let's just begin with how you can initiate a solemn business that can grow to powerpack existence in the near future.

Plan Ahead to Launch Your Startup

It's crucial that you write a solid business plan after researching the market and your proposal. You can be led in the proper direction by a business plan. Not to add that bankers and licensing agencies will both require a solid company strategy. Unfortunately, a lot of new business entrepreneurs skip this phase and have to scramble to write their plans. Alliance CA helps you to start out with a solid business plan in place to ensure a company setup in Dubai. We ensure a business strategy that new enterprises should frequently assess in light of their overall goals and aspirations.

Decide on the Framework of Your Business

Alliance CA, a leading business setup company in Dubai, collaborates with licensed providers to assist foreign firms in establishing a formal and enduring presence in the UAE. Our skilled startup consultants advise on licensing options, including forming an LLC, opening a representative/branch office, or establishing a free-zone business, ensuring compliance and facilitating expansion. Contact us for expert guidance tailored to your business needs.

Know Your Visa Needs

You must take both the current and the prospective growth of your company into account when launching it. Prior to a new business setup in Dubai, business owners frequently misunderstand their eligibility for and access to visas. You can be qualified for an investment visa as a shareholder. The greater banking options available to investors are one of the primary causes that let stockholders choose a UAE residence work visa. As part of the post-business creation procedure, a General Manager of a startup entity frequently needs a UAE residency visa. As a result, it's crucial to confirm that your corporate structure will enable your organization to recruit and employ people. Even if you don't require visas right away, you should still make predictions for new business growth.

Explore the Current Market Requirements & Apply for a Business Account in UAE

Alliance CA aids businesses in conducting thorough research and development, facilitating effective market penetration and strategy formulation in Dubai. We assist in market investigation, identifying target audience preferences, and closing market gaps through tailored approaches. Additionally, our experienced startup professionals guide entrepreneurs through the challenging process of applying for a business bank account in the UAE, streamlining paperwork and procedures for optimal results. However, it's essential to note that banking assistance companies cannot be held responsible if the application is rejected, urging caution throughout the process.

Free Zone and Mainland in UAE Business

Free Zone: In the UAE, over 50 free zones operate under specific regulations. Company setup duration varies from hours to weeks based on the chosen zone, with North Dubai typically taking three days and UAE or Abu Dhabi taking two to six weeks.

Mainland: Emirates mainland company formation ranges from one day to four weeks. Some ventures offer instant licenses, allowing launch in a day, while others may require additional approvals


Why Choose

Alliance CA

For any business to boost, you need to ensure that crucial steps such as deciding on its framework, finance, budget plan, market requirements and others fall into place. Wondering how you'd do it all by yourself? Worry not! 
Here's where Alliance Chartered Accountant steps in. We serve you with skilled and experienced business mentors who guide you through setting up a business, ensuring a proper work plan, and making your firm excel in the field of trade which leaves a mark. With critical thinking and decision-making, they will enable your business to reach heights within a short time. 

  • What are the audit requirements in Dubai, UAE?
    UAE Commercial Companies LAW / Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 requires all organizations operating within the United Arab Emirates to hire UAE-approved chartered accounting firms that are registered with and have been issued licenses from the Ministry of Economy for auditing their accounts. Furthermore, professional Auditing companies in Dubai are essential for organizations to ensure that their business complies with the laws, rules, and regulations, and the accounting standards applicable in the UAE.
  • Is Auditing Mandatory in Dubai?
    Yes, following the UAE Commercial Companies LAW / Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 all organizations operating within the United Arab Emirates are required to hire UAE-approved chartered accounting firms that are registered with and have been issued licenses from the Ministry of Economy for auditing their accounts.
  • What are the risks involved with auditing companies in the UAE?
    Auditing firms in the UAE have to be careful of the risks and probabilities of Substantial Misrepresentation while conducting audits.
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