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IFRS Advisory Services


About Us

Alliance CA has extensive experience in providing IFRS Advisory services in The UAE. IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is an international accounting standard that is widely adopted by several countries worldwide. Alliance CA maintains a pool of experts to assist our clients in the UAE with IFRS consulting services.
IFRS establishes a global business language and allows businesses to communicate account statements and financial reports globally. IFRS is growing increasingly important as more and more countries across the globe are adopting these standards. IFRS establishes universally accepted standards on how financial transactions are entered into financial statements.

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Benefits of IFRS

How does a company benefit from auditing services in Dubai?

The primary objective of auditing in the UAE is to ensure that an organization is in complete compliance with the regulatory standards, rules, and regulations applicable in the United Arab Emirates. To ensure that an organization complies with the laws of the land it is essential to conduct periodic audits from time to time. The audit process is also a crucial step in ensuring that an organization is meeting its stated business goals and that the organization’s financial, operational, and strategic vision is in line with its stated business objective. Furthermore audits help organizations with the following:


Data verification

Timely audits and data verification safeguard against financial mismanagement, error identification, accuracy assurance, and fraud detection within the organization.



Maintaining detailed financial accounts aids in budgeting for essential operations, aligning with the company’s vision, and planning for future growth.



Professional auditing is crucial for ensuring a company operates in strict conformity with UAE rules and regulations, maintaining legal and financial integrity at all times.


Investor confidence

The audit process boosts investor confidence by evaluating operational health, ensuring alignment with vision, mission, and goals, and enabling informed investment decisions.

Unlocking IFRS Compliance with Alliance CA

IFRS Protocols Expertise

Alliance CA offers deep understanding and guidance on IFRS requirements.

Finance and Accounting Streamlining

We align procedures to meet IFRS standards for efficient operations.

Regular Updates and Rapid Implementation

Stay informed and implement changes swiftly with our expert consultations.

Implications Analysis and Framework Adaptation

Understand new guidelines' impact and adapt existing frameworks effectively.

Seamless Transition to IFRS Compliance

Trust Alliance CA for smooth integration and compliance with IFRS protocols.


Why Choose

Alliance CA

Alliance CA provides its IFRS consulting services in a highly customizable format which ensures that we can meet and exceed the unique requirements of our clients. IFRS consulting services provided by us ensure that our clients stand out as more competent and credible when compared to their competitors. Besides IFRS, Alliance CA also provides Auditing and Assurance Services, VAT and Tax Consultations, Due Diligence Auditing, and accounting software support. Please feel free to contact us for all your accounting and auditing needs.

  • What are the audit requirements in Dubai, UAE?
    UAE Commercial Companies LAW / Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 requires all organizations operating within the United Arab Emirates to hire UAE-approved chartered accounting firms that are registered with and have been issued licenses from the Ministry of Economy for auditing their accounts. Furthermore, professional Auditing companies in Dubai are essential for organizations to ensure that their business complies with the laws, rules, and regulations, and the accounting standards applicable in the UAE.
  • Is Auditing Mandatory in Dubai?
    Yes, following the UAE Commercial Companies LAW / Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 all organizations operating within the United Arab Emirates are required to hire UAE-approved chartered accounting firms that are registered with and have been issued licenses from the Ministry of Economy for auditing their accounts.
  • What are the risks involved with auditing companies in the UAE?
    Auditing firms in the UAE have to be careful of the risks and probabilities of Substantial Misrepresentation while conducting audits.
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